Walton, et al. v. AT&T Services, Inc.
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If you worked at AT&T as a Senior Training Manager Design or Senior Training Manager Delivery, you could get a payment from this class action settlement.


What is this lawsuit about?

In the lawsuit, Plaintiffs claimed that AT&T misclassified Designers and Deliverers as exempt from the overtime pay requirements of federal and California state law, and consequently failed to pay them overtime pay.  The lawsuit asked the Court to require AT&T to pay overtime backpay, penalties, interest, and other payments.  AT&T denies that it did anything wrong and contends that, among other things, that it has complied at all times with applicable federal and California law.  The Court did not decide in favor of either party.  Instead, both sides agreed to a settlement, which, if approved, brings the litigation to an end.  That way, Plaintiffs and AT&T avoid the cost, delay, and uncertainty of moving forward in litigation to trial and possible appeals, and the class members will get compensation.  The Class Representatives and the attorneys for both sides think that the settlement is fair, reasonable, adequate and in the best interests of the members of the class and all parties.

A more detailed description of this lawsuit and important court documents may be found on the Key Documents page of this website.

Who is included?

All individuals who worked for AT&T Services, Inc. or AT&T Mobility Services LLC who are not bound by the Management Arbitration Agreement and who worked in the job title of Senior Training Manager Design or Senior Training Manager Delivery

  1. from May 18, 2011 to October 16, 2017 for California-based employees;
  2. from May 18, 2012 to October 16, 2017 for non-California employees who opted in to the Lawsuit; and
  3. from August 18, 2014 to October 16, 2017 for non-California employees who did not opt in to the Lawsuit.

How do I participate in the Settlement?

Each Class Member who follows the proper procedure to receive a payment will receive a share of that amount.  Except for those individuals who worked outside of California and did not already opt into the case, unclaimed money will be redistributed to Class Members who choose to receive a payment, if feasible, or sent to the California Industrial Relations Unclaimed Wages Fund. The Class Notice provides specific instructions for each Class Member to follow if they wished to participate in the Settlement. Please review the Notice carefully.

Your Legal Rights and Options

Receive a payment


Existing Opt-Ins/California Class Members: According to AT&T’s records, Existing Opt-Ins and California Class Members need only to have signed and submitted the yellow Arbitration Agreement Form to receive their estimated payment under the settlement.  Anyone who filed a consent to join form in this lawsuit (also known as “opting in”), or worked for AT&T exclusively in California during the relevant time period who wants to receive a payment must file the yellow Arbitration Agreement Form. 

Future Opt-Ins: According to AT&T’s records, Future Opt-Ins have an opportunity to receive a settlement payment.  To receive the payment, they must have filed the green Claim Form and sign and submit the yellow Arbitration Agreement Form.  Additionally, anyone who worked for AT&T outside of California during the relevant time period and has not yet opted into the lawsuit, has an opportunity to receive a settlement payment.  To receive a payment, Class Members must have filed the green Claim Form and sign and submit the yellow Arbitration Agreement Form. The deadline to submit a Claim Form and Arbitration Agreement has passed.

Exclude yourself


You may exclude yourself or “opt out” if you do not wish to participate in the settlement.  If you choose this option, you get no payment and will not release any claims against AT&T.

Comment (including object)


Write to the Court about what you think about the settlement.

Go to the hearing


If you would like, you may ask to speak in Court about the fairness of the settlement.  You do not need to do this to receive a payment.
Do nothing Do nothing and receive no payment.

These rights and options—and the deadlines to exercise them—are explained in the Class Notice. This is not a lawsuit against you.  Your participation in this lawsuit and acceptance of money from the settlement will not affect your employment status in any way.

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